Stop the madness.


(C) Kat Preston

Bomb the Music Industry! - Stand There Until You're Sober
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Go to work.
Pay your bills.
Eat a dick.
One more beer, then grow up.

I’ll make you party at my funeral
'Cause mourning is for suckers.
I’ll rent a ferris wheel and
cotton candy machine and have open bar
with all the Pabst that you can drink
the PA blasting my Clash records.
You’ll finally know that life’s okay
Even when bad things happen.

This is just the cutest thing

Title Fight - Stab
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Johnny Marr

So it’s pretty much becoming a horrible trend for me to be off tumblr for months and months and return with an “I’m back!!! <3” post, only to leave again for months and months. It’s so hard for me to keep up with stuff.

So instead of “I’m back for real this time is different!!!!111” how about just a Hello. Hi guys I know I come and go a lot but when I do I feel like i can just kinda pick up and start tumblin’ again like no big deal and I like that a lot let’s keep that.

Well in a nutshell life is weird right now but I’m dealing with it in my own weird way. It’s my last year of college and I’m ready for it to be over like right now and I’m being as patient as I possibly can. I’d rather spend the night watching TV with Curt than doing homework which probably isn’t great but it hasn’t destroyed me just yet.
It’s hockey season again and I am not a hockey blog but still a huge hockey fan if you ‘member, so expect some hockey nonsense now and then.

I guess that’s pretty much it for now. I hope everyone is doing okay out there. Also, Halloween forever.


It seems like you mean it
when you say that you need me
and it feels so wonderful
when you are near

Please be mine for 100 years